If you’ve struggled with erectile dysfunction, using a penis pump can help you attain and keep an erection. Penis pumps allow you to apply vacuum pressure to your phallus to increase its size and hardness temporarily. This makes them a great and useful device for men with erection problems, although men without ED often use them, too.

Penis pumps are easy to use, affordable, and can be used by anyone, unlike most ED medications. Many guys choose to pump as an alternative to getting a prescription for a pharmaceutical drug. This can help you avoid unpleasant side effects.

Some guys even use their penis pump in addition to Cialis or Viagra for longer-lasting, harder erections. This doesn’t mean that penis pumps are completely risk-free, as they can cause damage to your tissues if you aren’t cautious with how you use them. That’s why it’s so important to know how to use the device safely.

How does a Penis Pump Work?

Most men who have done some research on ED treatments have heard of penis pumps (also known as “vacuum therapy”). But even if you’ve seen photos of these devices, it’s difficult to know exactly how they work. So, how do you use this type of pump?

To use a penis pump, you place the device’s cylinder over your phallus and use the attached pump to suck air out of the tube. As you pump, your penis gravitates towards the top of the cylinder and your tissues fill with blood. This results in enhanced girth and length temporarily, but you can extend the length of time the erection lasts by adding a tension or cock ring.

Steps to Use a Penis Pump Safely

While researching penis pumps, you’ll soon notice that there are countless products out there and each one is slightly different. As mentioned, it’s important to use them correctly so you don’t damage your tissues. Here are some instructions for safely using a penis pump:

Follow Instructions Closely

Since each pump is different, it’s essential that you read the manufacturing instructions on the particular model you select. Look at the steps for use and also read over some user reviews to see what other customers have to say about the product.

Do Some Grooming before Use

A penis pump will only function properly if you can create an airtight seal while you use it. You can either trim your public hair or shave it to encourage a closer fit with the pump. Most men will be able to use the device just fine after trimming, but if you have trouble creating a seal after this, you can try shaving or waxing the area completely.

Use Lube

Lubricant is an important part of proper penis pump use. I recommend applying water-based lubricant between the pump and your skin to encourage an airtight fit. Start with a small amount and add more if necessary, but avoid using too much lube as it can make it more difficult to use the device.

Find a Pump with a Pressure Gauge

It’s easy to go overboard with pumping, even when you follow instructions carefully. One way to prevent injury is to find a penis pump with a vacuum limiter or pressure gauge included. A vacuum limiter will limit the amount of air you can remove from the pump and prevent you from over-pumping.

A pressure gauge, on the other hand, will show you how much pressure you’re using so you can avoid going too far. Penis pumps with these extra elements make it much easier to use the device in a safe way and prevent injury.

Use a Pump Sleeve or Comfort Pad

Penis pumps are made of very firm materials that can cause discomfort or even bruising. A pump sleeve or comfort pad will provide some cushion to the area where the pump is in contact with your skin. Adding a sleeve or pad will also enhance the suction effect by creating a tighter seal.

Choose the Right Size

Choosing the correct size is crucial for preventing injuries while using a penis pump. Too small of a pump won’t create enough pressure to impact your erection size very much. Too large of a pump will cause too much pressure and increases the risk of over-pumping.

Read the product description carefully before you buy, and use measuring tape to make sure you’re choosing the proper size. Measure your penis while it’s both erect and flaccid. Picking the right size will ensure that the pump is both comfortable to use and that it won’t harm you.

Choose a Clear Pump

One simple way to prevent yourself from over-pumping is to select a penis pump with a clear cylinder. When you use the device, you’ll notice some redness, but colored spots or discoloration are signals to stop. Pay close attention to the sensations caused by pumping.

Feeling pressure and suction is normal, of course, but pain or discomfort are signs that you’ve gone overboard. Pumping should be fun and feel good, so if it ever feels bad, you might be doing it wrong.

Find a Pump with a Quick Release Function

For your first pump, you should choose one that comes with a quick release valve as this will lower the risk of damage. While all penis pumps have a valve that you can use to release pressure and remove your penis from the tube, a quick release valve is better because it removes the pressure faster.

If you notice any swelling or discoloration, you can remove the pressure fast and minimize the risk of injury.

How Often Can You Pump?

When you’re new to using a pump, it’s important to make sure you don’t overdo it. It will create a new and unfamiliar sensation, so it can be difficult to know how much is too much. As a beginner, it’s best to stick with no more than two or three sessions per week and only use the pump for 15 minutes or less.

Once you get used to the process, you can train more often and increase the frequency of your pumping sessions. Even as you start pumping more often, however, it’s still best to limit your sessions to 15 minutes or less. If you decide to pump for longer, take a 15-minute break in between, letting the pressure out of the tube and massaging your penis to encourage circulation.

Who Should Avoid Pumping?

Although penis pumps are safe for most guys, not everyone should use them. People with priapism, guys on blood thinning medication, or men with a disease that causes excessive bleeding or blood clots should avoid using a penis pump. If you aren’t sure whether you should use one or not, ask your doctor.

While these tips seem like a lot to keep in mind, most of them are easy to remember and will come naturally. The tips in this article will ensure you have a great time with your penis pump and remain safe while doing so.